Border Security and Customs


Border Security and CustomsKeeping the Borders Safe and Trade Moving

KGT is proud to work with Customs & Border agencies in the fight against illegally trafficked contraband, goods and narcotics. We provide solutions that allow agencies to quickly and effectively scan people, vehicles, bags, parcels and cargo at seaports, airports, rail and border crossings. Out radiation and trace detection scanners automatically detect and identify explosives and other threats, reducing the need for time consuming manual inspections – even for large, dense and heavy cargo.

We understand that customs and border control require large and complex security solutions. Our solutions are designed for flexibility to ensure that we provide a bespoke solution to suite or customers specific needs and requirements. Our wide range of non-intrusive inspection technologies reduces the need for manual border security inspection.

Our solutions are designed to go beyond compliance to deliver the highest levels of security and are field-tested to withstand the rugged and extreme weather conditions within the region.