Hold Baggage

Real Time Tomography (RTT) – The Future of Hold Baggage Screening

With the increase in air travel to and from East Africa, airports are having to deal with new global threats, rising regulatory compliance and requirements, while ensuring passenger security and throughput is not affected or compromised, to ensure world-class service.

We are proud to introduce the RTT 110. This is our leading Explosive Detection System (EDS) for Hold Baggage Screening. With its patented, cutting-edge technology the RTT 110 provides airports with the most innovative solutions for all of their Hold Baggage Screening requirements, including:

• Most Bags/parcels screened per hour
• Fastest Image Capture
• Lowest False Alarm Rates
• High Resolution 3D imaging
• Fastest automated decision making (within 1 second)
• Reduced BHS conveyor requirements

Together, the above ensures that our customer’s receive the best and latest technology while ensuring:

  • Lower Cost of Operation
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Highest standards of Security (ECAC Standard 3 approved)

We also work with the leading Baggage Handling Manufacturers to integrate and maintain our equipment, as well as the Baggage Handling System itself. This allows our customers to ensure the continued and proper operation of the whole BHS system throughout its lifetime.

We are also able to assist customers with their requirements for smaller airports to provide them with a cost-effective solution for their requirement.