MilitaryKGT has a proud record of supplying security equipment to the Military for application in the defence sector. Our range of equipment is designed and tested to be used in the most hostile and rugged environments, while ensuring the highest levels of detection and protection.

Combining world-class technology with field-tested application our range of equipment is perfectly suited to the demands of the Militsry in all settings. These include checkpoint screening solutions for buildings and bases, portable X-ray systems for use in the field (Counter IED measures) or re-locatable checkpoint screening, Ammunition Inspection. and Technical Surveillance Counter Measures.

The quality of our X-Ray images, and our breadth of product range which includes rugged and lightweight backpackable configurations ensures that the customer can take the most difficult decisions with confidence whether it is the inspection of an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) or the searching of buildings and/or baggage at a high profile sites.