Ports in East Africa handle billions of tonnes of goods every year and as they expand and upgrade, the pressure is on to ensure an effective an proper operation, without letting any threats through.

Our inspection systems are made with your unique challenges in mind, providinge high-throughput versatility with an unequalled ability to detect everything you’re looking for.To facilitate trade and collect duties on goods shipped into your ports, it is essential you have reliable and effective technology.

No matter how busy or remote your location, our high-throughput, versatile, and robust line of detection systems are the most effective and reliable way to scan cars, trucks, vans, and their cargo.

Our systems are tried and tested in the field and have succesful been deployed to counter millions of dollars worth of fraud, drugs and smuggling operations moving through both simple and busy ports.

Our world-class cargo inspection systems are designed to easily integrate into the port environment, efficiently scan cargo containers, and, in the process, make it easy for your team to identify the contraband other systems miss.